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#1 Original Non Toxic Glitter Wall Paint Est. 2009

A great way to add flair to your accent wall, playroom, dressing room, nursery, Bathroom, Boutique showcase wall, home office, Any themed room such as a princess room, ballerina room, lady bug or butterfly room, gardern or rainbow theme or a polka dot dream room.

Your imagination will create endless possibilities. 


A Topcoat which goes over any wall color and will show it's glitter finish soon after it's applied.

Our formula has no Toxic chemicals meaning zero VOC's .

Follow Us On Facebook Follow Us On Blogger Follow Us On Twitter Follow Us On YouTube Pinterest Follow Us On Instagram

 Girly Me Glitter Wall Paint idea was born early 2008 when 3 lovely teens were looking to decorate their rooms.  Growing older, seeking a suitable identity, each girl wanted their room to be emblematic of their personality.  The mother & daughter team searched stores and shops across the state and across the internet, all to no avail.  Lisa, however, would not give up.  This Glittery and playful image was engrained in her mind.  Seeing the disappointment in her daughters she kept thinking that there must be a way to bring this dainty dazzle to their walls, their space, and their rooms. Although, there was nothing found, Thus, instead a Mompreneur & creative design team was born.   

A mom of 5 with three girls and various styles wanted to create a one of a kind room for each to enjoy adding their unique personality to their space.  Amber the eldest has always had a professional, classy, modest, traditional style & flare. Ashley enjoyed a whimsical, casual, chic yet girly tomboy style. The baby girl Aliyah continues to have an eclectic trendy polished style which is sometimes flamboyant & sometimes subtle.

 After considering all possibilities & exhausting all already made solutions to no success we decide to formulate & Design our very own Healthy Choice Glitter wall paint. This derived because our empathy to people with allergies such as Ashley who has several allergies which is why we decided to formulate The very 1st Non Topic Environmentally Friendly Glitter Topcoat Paint Est. formula 2009.

We are now manufactures & online retailers which sells all over the U.S. Canada, United Kingdom & Australia since 2010.  Three years prior to our competition 

Yet, we pride ourselves on being the 1st best mother approved product made with the highest quality ingredients for the health & safety of children & the environment. In which our competition doesn’t consider at this time however Yet it is flattering that We are sure they will soon follow our lead. Just remember we are an American made company who prides itself on our originality & the best ingredients.

Our creative Girl team created the look with Girls of all styles in mind because Girly Me carefully sought out the highest quality ingredients above our competition. We had it especially formulated for girls who love glitter, sparkle & shine. To have a professional finish it requires a high quality product and with Girly Me you get what you pay for. Anything less is not the best.

                                  Girly Me Mission Statement

Girly Me’s goal is to help girls of all ages to enhance their femininity and thrive in a sense of girly fun. We strive to make young girls and women feel luxurious when they walk into their Glitter Wall room. Girly Me will help to celebrate an extraordinary unique style and an inner whimsy in each girly customer. Girly Me provides the highest quality and beautiful products to accentuate your lifestyle. Add a lil Bling to your wall today.


                                Add a lil Bling to your wall &  

       Remember if its doesnt say Girly Me Its not an Original

                                                 Girly Me

                                   Celebrate the Girly in You!





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