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#1 Original Non Toxic Glitter Wall Paint Est. 2009

A great way to add flair to your accent wall, playroom, dressing room, nursery, Bathroom, Boutique showcase wall, home office, Any themed room such as a princess room, ballerina room, lady bug or butterfly room, gardern or rainbow theme or a polka dot dream room.

Your imagination will create endless possibilities. 


A Topcoat which goes over any wall color and will show it's glitter finish soon after it's applied.

Our formula has no Toxic chemicals meaning zero VOC's .

Follow Us On Facebook Follow Us On Blogger Follow Us On Twitter Follow Us On YouTube Pinterest Follow Us On Instagram
Facts & Benefits of Girly Me 

Girly Me Gliter Wall Paint is a Household Interior & Exterior Topcoat.  A Designer Specialty Item Paint
with 200% more glittery fun than our competition
Girly Me Glitter Wall Paint is considered a Top Coat or a Faux Finish.
A Fresh New Sought after Glitter Paint where
Glitter is Especially formulated for the Non Toxic Water Base Paint 
Not a craft glitter & will not run

It is an Enviormentally Friendly Paint

No VOC -No Toxic Chemicals or Solvents 

Its not harmful to pipes or sewage system

Its not considered Hazardous waste & 
can be rinsed down the sink with cold to luke warm water

Easily applied as you would regular paint

Fast drying 20 to 35 minutes depending on the room temp & how many coats applied

Washable & great for high traffic areas

Will not wash off or fade for years & years 

Can be painted over easily as you would regular Paint 
with no sanding required for removal.

In the Process for becoming a certified Art Supply 

Shows a beautiful Iridescent glittery effect when dry

A great tool to help advance & produce creative imagination & flare

A One of a Kind finished product for each application

Fabulous for Nursery to Teen , Playroom to Office, Accent Walls, Themed Rooms like Princess & Fairy

Great for the  Sweet, Sassy, Classy , Edgy or Whimsical Style

 Creative options are endless
Every Girly Needs a lil Bling & Glam on her Walls 

What is Glitter Wall Paint? TOP


Girly Me is a quality, specialty brand. It is an Eco Friendly paint and the glitter is an especially formulated and premixed into the paint.  There is No VOC, which means it has no toxic solvents.  Children with allergies can breathe easily.  It has a very low paint odor and no odor after it dries within 25 minutes average time. 


Girly Me Paint is an aesthetically appealing top coat, which goes over a color painted wall and can be used as a protective finish.  It is easily applied and dries clear showing its’ glittery finish. It has an excellent scrub ability and will not wash off for several years, but can be painted over easily as you would regular paint. No sanding required

What are the Benefits of this Brand of Glitter Paint? TOP

The Benefits of Girly Me Glitter Wall Paint

Has Great Value for a High End One of A Kind Look you will Create.

Appealing & Vibrant or Subtle looks to choose from.

American Mad to support the economy.

Eco Friendly No VOC (paint & breathe easily).

Premixed for a clean and easy application use.

Comes in affordable convienient quart size cans.

Coverage up to 220 sq ft.

Excellent scrub ablity and enduance which will not fade, shed or peal and is great for high traffic areas. 

Easily covered ove (by painting) without sanding.

A feminine touch of sparkle added to any room.


Why would I use Girly Me Glitter Wall Paint? TOP

The Girly Me brand is a proud American made company. Which prides itself on manufacturing a high quality Eco-friendly, Non Toxic, premixed glitter topcoat. 

When you purchase from Girly Me you are supporting the American economy as well. The Girly Me team has 5 employees who are dedicated to the brand.  They are caring people who pride themself on helping to foster and advance an eco-friendly environment. 

When you purchase Girly Me Glitter Paint you are also giving to 3 Charities

Girly Me gives monthly to the following organizations 

1. Fresh Start Women                       Local - Phoenix Arizona 

2.  Women & Children's Foundation    National -

3. S.T.O.P                                       International  - An India Organization to help stop families from selling their daughters to work.

How is the Glitter Paint applied? TOP

The Glitter Paint is applied with a 1/4th nap roller.  You apply as you would regular paint. When applying you simply wet the roll and apply over a dry painted wall. Making sure not to over apply in one area.

How would I remove the Glitter Paint? TOP

To remove the Glitter Wall Paint you would simply paint over it as you would a regular wall.  NO SANDING REQUIRED.  (Note a slight texture may be present depending on how many glitter coats were applied) 

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