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#1 Original Non Toxic Glitter Wall Paint Est. 2009

A great way to add flair to your accent wall, playroom, dressing room, nursery, Bathroom, Boutique showcase wall, home office, Any themed room such as a princess room, ballerina room, lady bug or butterfly room, gardern or rainbow theme or a polka dot dream room.

Your imagination will create endless possibilities. 


A Topcoat which goes over any wall color and will show it's glitter finish soon after it's applied.

Our formula has no Toxic chemicals meaning zero VOC's .

Follow Us On Facebook Follow Us On Blogger Follow Us On Twitter Follow Us On YouTube Pinterest Follow Us On Instagram

About Girly Me

        Success in America is defined by innovation and creativity.  In tough economic times it can seem like people get lost in their daily bustle and abandon their true aspirations; this is often a faulty perception.  Men and women across the nation are using their every day values and experiences to craft new ideas and products that are relevant in today’s markets for today’s families.  Lisa Duncan exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit in its purest form.  Girly Me” is a homegrown label that she created featuring girly glitter paints that transform ordinary walls from dull to dazzling.  An All-American “Mompreneur” Lisa draws her inspiration from her family, particularly her daughters. 

        A splurge of creativity led Lisa on this journey to making “Girly Me” paints a reality.   Lisa’s daughters, Ashley and Aliyah, began decorating their rooms in personal and immensely unique ways; however, both young women fell short.  Their walls ranged from black to deep chocolate and though beautiful, they lacked a certain pizzazz.  Not quite sure how to bring her daughters’ vastly different but equally intriguing visions to life the trio began looking for glitter or shimmer paint to add a pop to the room or even to accent the uniform color pallets.  Lisa and her two daughters searched home improvement and paint stores across the state for their missing ingredient; they eventually turned their search to products offered online.  It was all to no avail.  There is not a single paint product on the market that offers shimmer and shine to wall spaces.  Shocked with the result the girls joked that they should make their own glitter paint; however, Lisa did not simply laugh, instead  Girly Me” paints were born.  Offering a wide array of textural tones and vibrant colors, the line features clear paints that will go over any surface or any wall color. The paints are offered in tones ranging from soft pink to rainbow shimmer; whether a wall is craving a subtle shine or a girly fabulous glitter, the paints are crafted to be different and distinctive. The goal is not to hide but to enhance and bring young ladies that extra flair they desire in creating their own designer space.

        Adolescence is difficult; particularly for young women.  In a time of confusion and expression, of uncertainties and desires; aiding her girls in personal growth and fostering their individuality is a top priority for this savvy business woman.  Lisa expanded her girls’ vision into glitter and glitz, “Girly Me” glimmering paints allow her daughters and young women alike to express themselves. 

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